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About Us

HotDog patient warming is an Augustine Temperature Management product
HotDog patient warming is an Augustine Temperature Management product


Augustine Temperature Management is the first name in patient warming. Dr. Scott Augustine invented the patient warming field when he pioneered forced-air warming 25 years ago. Since then, hundreds of millions of patients have received the benefits of normothermia during surgery.

Concerns with patient safety in ultra-clean surgeries and major technological advancements led Dr. Augustine and his team of engineers to create a warming solution that meets the needs of today’s healthcare community. The solution is HotDog air-free conductive fabric patient warming.

The term “HotDog” means to accept challenges and perform confidently, overcoming obstacles in a spectacular manner, just as a world-champion athlete would.

A hospital is an inspiring place where dedicated healthcare providers work tirelessly to provide the best possible care for all patients.

That is precisely our goal as well: improving patient care. While the name “HotDog” is light-hearted and fun, we are very serious about the results. We aim to deliver the best possible care so that ALL patients can be kept normothermic safely, effectively, and affordably.

We at Augustine Temperature Management are dedicated to improving patient care through the products we create. We aim to provide clinicians with a safer, more effective, and less expensive means of preventing the adverse effects of hypothermia during surgery. Patient safety is our number-one priority.
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For investor related questions, please contact:
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