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USA Brochures

System Overview (3 MB PDF)
System Overview Brochure.
Air-Free (2 MB PDF)
Air-Free Brochure.
Better Warming (2 MB PDF)
More Effective Brochure.Language: Icon-Japan
Cost Effective (2 MB PDF)
Cost Effective Brochure.
HotDog Patient Warming WaffleGrip Brochure WaffleGrip Positioning System (2.6 MB PDF)
Waffle Grip Positioning System for Trendelenburg Brochure.
Pediatric Brochure Pediatric Brochure (1.5 MB PDF)
Pediatric Brochure.
Underbody Mattress Brochure (1.8 MB PDF)
Underbody Mattress Brochure.
BEST Results & Positioning Guide Brochure BEST Results Poster (3 MB PDF)
Educate your staff on achieving “BEST” results with HotDog patient warming!
Product Catalog Product Catalog (2.1 MB PDF)
Product Spec Sheet Product Spec Sheet (1.1 MB PDF)
The Next Wave Brochure Technical Brochure (429 KB PDF)
Learn about air-free technology.
PreWarming Brochure PreWarming Brochure (860 KB PDF)
See the benefits of prewarming.
Positioning Guide Positioning Guide (2 MB PDF)
Positioning Guide.
Monthly Warming Plan Monthly Warming Plan (548 KB PDF)


International Brochures

System Overview A4 (3 MB PDF)
System Overview A4 Brochure.
HotDog Patient Warming Air-Free A4 Brochure Air-Free A4 (2 MB PDF)
Air-Free A4 Brochure.
HotDog Patient Warming Better Warming A4 Brochure Better Warming A4 (2 MB PDF)
Better Warming A4 Brochure.
HotDog Patient Warming Cost Effective A4 Brochure Cost Effective A4 (2 MB PDF)
Cost Effective A4 Brochure.
The Next Wave Brochure Technical Brochure (2.1 MB PDF)
Learn about air-free technology.Language: American Flag French Flag German Flag
Product Catalog A4 (2.1 MB PDF)
Product Catalog A4.