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  • May 2018 – 3M Wins First Bair Hugger Case; 8 More Cases Prepare For Trial


    • January 2018  Study: Warm-air blowers direct pathogens to the surgical site.

      >News Story

      >Study Details

      • December 2018  Six Things You Might Not Know About Patient Warming >Read the story in Outpatient Surgery Magazine

        • July 2017 NEW Study– Forced-air warming discontinued: periprosthetic joint infection rates drop >Full Study Available

          • March 2017  The Evolution of Patient Warming >Read the story in Clinical Services Journal

            • December 2016 The Debate About Blowing Air in Operating Theaters >Read the story in Surgical Products Magazine

              • April 2016 HotDog Patient Warming used in surgical separation of conjoined twins at Driscoll Children’s Hospital >Read the press release

                • October 2015 We are very excited about ECRI Institute’s recent comparative evaluation of the safety, effectiveness and cost of HotDog patient warming!

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                  call (610)825-6000 ext. 5891.

                  > To request a printed copy, email

                  • October 2015 Outpatient Surgery Magazine polls readers on link between forced-air warmers and surgical site infections >Read the story

                  • August 2015 HotDog Patient Warming nominated for Surgical Products Magazine’s 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards! >Read the story

                  • April 2015 Surgical Products Magazine interviews Augustine Temperature Management’s President about new patient warming technologies >Read the story

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