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Warming while maintaining sterility of the surgical field is critical. Research shows a single airborne germ can cause an implant infection. Forced-air warming systems have been shown to increase particles over the surgical site 2000x. As a result, orthopedic surgeons recommend air-free warming instead of forced-air during implant surgery. Research

In addition, orthopedic operating rooms are typically several degrees colder than general operating rooms and result in high rates of hypothermia. A 2014 study in the Journal of Arthoplasty found that a “disturbingly high” 26.9% of patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery remained hypothermic at the conclusion of surgery despite being warmed by a forced-air system.

Why HotDog Excels

HotDog is air-free. Patients are efficiently warmed without producing significant amounts of waste heat, which, with hot-air systems, is the vector for contaminants to reach the sterile field.

HotDog can warm from above and below the patient at the same time resulting in more effective warming than any other system. The underbody mattress overlay can go inside of bean bags, over peg-boards, and used with other positioners to adapt to the challenges of any case.



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