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Pediatric patients have high surface-to-mass ratios, meaning they warm and cool very quickly. The limited surface area also presents challenges. Infants are particularly difficult.

Does forced-air warming ever inadvertently displace small surgical patients? Does it irritate the surgeon with waste heat and noise? Does it cool patients with evaporative heat loss in wet procedures? These are all common complaints we hear from physicians using hot-air systems with pediatric patients.

Why HotDog Excels

Air-free conductive fabric warming solves all of these unintended and complicated issues. It’s safe, easy-to-use, air-free, and efficient. HotDog patient warming is FDA 510k cleared for use on pediatric patients. See the brochure for more information.

Only available in the US.


Recommended Product Mix

WC52 Multi-Function Controller

U102 Warming Mattress

B203 Pediatric Lower Body Blanket

B270 Pediatric Head Wrap (Small)

B271 Pediatric Head Wrap (Large)

U220 Pediatric Underbody Warming Mattress

See the M125 Pediatric Brochure for a description of each product.