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Plastic Surgery


Body-contouring procedures require a lot of exposed surface area. These cases are often “wet,” which can lead to evaporative heat-loss and hypothermia with forced-air systems.

Similar to orthopedic implants, implants used in plastic surgery need to be kept free from airborne contaminants. Forced-air warming systems have been shown to increase particles over the surgical site 2000x. (Research)

Why HotDog Excels

This customer testimonial perfectly sums up HotDog’s advantages:

“Our Plastic Surgery practice had a significant problem with hypothermia, particularly during breast and body contouring procedures where forced-air heating was inadequate because of the large surface areas exposed.  Since converting to the HotDog Patient Warming System, our patients arrive in PACU normothermic, they emerge from anesthesia faster and in less discomfort, and are ready for discharge sooner.  My anesthesia providers love it, and my Bair Hugger has been permanently relegated to recovery room duties.”


Recommended Product Mix

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B105 Multi-Position Blanket

U102 Underbody Mattress