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HotDog is the only warming system that can warm from above and below the patient at the same time.

The underbody mattress overlays and versatile blankets provide a complete perioperative solution for all your patient warming needs.

ECRI Institute just published a comprehensive evaluation of HotDog patient warming. We encourage everyone to read it.

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HotDog Product Catalog
HotDog Controllers are compact and virtually silent.
HotDog blankets provide unique versatility for a variety of patient positions.
HotDog has the most flexible and safest underbody warming mattress available.
No more air hose or water channels with HotDog: just a thin, flexible cable.
Whether warming newborns or 18-year-olds, air-free HotDog patient warming can maintain normothermia for all pediatric surgical patients.
Learn more about the technology.
Interested in HotDog for a specific perioperative application? Find out why HotDog is your best warming option here.