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Laparoscopic surgeries with robots create very difficult warming cases. The patient is often positioned in steep Trendelenburg, and the only warming surface is above the nipple line (with arms tucked and legs in stirrups). Cold positioning pads often contribute to high rates of patient hypothermia.

Why HotDog Excels

HotDog’s WaffleGrip™ accessory — a Trendelenburg positioning system — safely anchors the patient while providing an effective warming solution. Single-use WaffleGrip covers the reinforced HotDog mattress (U300) to secure the patient while allowing warming from below. WaffleGrip holds the patient primarily with friction, minimizing pressure on the brachial plexus. It’s the world’s first Trendelenburg positioning system that can warm while holding the patient in place.


Recommended Product Mix

WC52 Multi-Function Controller

B105 Multi-Position Blanket

U300 Warming Mattress

A300 (Waffle-Grip Kit)