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Spine Surgery


Warming while maintaining sterility of the surgical field is critical. Research shows a single airborne germ can cause an implant infection. Forced-air warming systems have been shown to increase particles over the surgical site 2000x. As a result, orthopedic surgeons recommend air-free warming instead of forced-air during implant surgery (Research).

In addition, warming during spine surgery is challenging, especially with open-frame tables (like the Jackson™ table). Exposure to the cold floor-environment because of the open-frame table results in radiant heat loss and a declining core body temperature for the surgical patient. The only way to offset that heat loss is to warm as much surface area as possible. Two hot-air blowers are noisy, hot, and impractical.

Why HotDog Excels

HotDog is air-free. Patients are efficiently warmed without producing significant amounts of waste heat. Waste heat from forced-air systems has been shown to increase contaminants at the surgical site by 2000x compared to HotDog.

HotDog controllers can operate two blankets at the same time, making HotDog the ideal solution for warming during spinal surgery.


Recommended Product Mix

WC52 Multi-Function Controller

B105 Multi-Position Blanket

B103 Lower Body Blanket

-Add U102 if not using an open-frame table