Augustine Surgical Inc. is pleased to announce a corporate partnership with Baxter and the official launch of Baxter Patient Warming Powered by Augustine Surgical.

The leader in high-end operating tables, Baxter/Hillrom chose Augustine Surgical’s best-in-class air-free patient warming technology to integrate directly into their table pads.

“Integrating our semi-conductive fabric into their table pads allows Baxter/Hillrom to provide instant warming to the patient upon arrival to the operating table as well as unrivaled convenience and ease of use for the O.R. staff ,” says Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Surgical. “This will help improve patient outcomes while enhancing workflow efficiencies and lowering the cost of care. That’s the value that comes with being Powered by Augustine Surgical—the design and development expertise from the world’s experts in patient temperature management.”

In addition to the integrated OR warming pad, Baxter/Hillrom offers a full-line of active warming blankets to maintain perioperative normothermia as well as WaffleGrip® Warm & Secure™ for Trendelenburg securement.

“One huge benefit will be in robotic surgery requiring Trendelenburg positioning because of Baxter/Hillrom’s partnership with Intuitive and their TS7000dV table that synchronizes with the daVinci robot. WaffleGrip Warm & Secure is the missing link between the table, the robot, and the patient for precise positioning. And it provides the added benefit of improved normothermia for faster recovery times. It’s a huge win for healthcare facilities using Baxter/Hillrom operating tables,” Brent Augustine adds.

“Baxter takes a holistic approach to help surgical care teams navigate dynamic operating environments, providing a full suite of OR solutions that support critical decisions for patient care,” said Andrew Frye, president, Patient Support Systems/Global Surgical Solutions and Enterprise Connectivity at Baxter. “We’re eager to demonstrate how our diverse portfolio of products and services can support delivering great outcomes for patients and maximizing operating room workflow efficiency.”

According to a press release by Baxter, the new conductive Baxter Patient Warming system is designed to help achieve and maintain patient normothermia (body temperature within standard limits). The system eliminates the need for disposables, as the warming technology is built into the table pad, which can reach temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, reusable conductive warming blankets can reach temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius and provide an increased surface warming area to help quickly warm from above and below. The system is air-free, which may reduce risks associated with forced-air systems—such as contamination of the surgical site—and operates quietly.   Combined with WaffleGrip, patients can be warm and secure in the steep Trendelenburg position, in which a patient is tilted head-down at up to a 45-degree angle. The Baxter Patient Warming system is compatible with its TS7000, TS7000dV and PST 500 surgical tables.

About Augustine Surgical

Augustine Surgical’s Mission is Making Surgery Safer. Tens of millions of patients in over 40 countries around the world have benefited from the enhanced rates of normothermia and safe air-free warming provided by Augustine Surgical’s HotDog® brand of temperature management products. Augustine Surgical will continue to provide the HotDog Temperature Management System to all operating tables from manufacturers other than Baxter/Hillrom.

About Baxter

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