How to SAVE MONEY with HotDog Patient Warming Warren Loken, Director of Data and Analytics at Augustine Surgical, details how to compare costs between forced-air warming blankets and the HotDog® Temperature Management System in this short video. You'll learn how you should be saving money on your patient warming costs. HotDog Patient Warming: The Safer, Cost-Efficient Solution for Surgeries HotDog vs. Forced-air [...]

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The Benefits of Buying American Made Medical Equipment (Part 2) In Part 2 of this two-part video, Ryan Augustine, Director of Engineering at Augustine Surgical, gives us 4 of 7 benefits of buying American Made Medical Equipment. 4 Benefits of Buying American Made Medical Equipment: Innovation: Augustine Surgical is a highly innovative company with over 200 issued patients. Improved Customer Service: Our customer service [...]

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The Benefits of Buying American Made Medical Equipment (Part 1) Ryan Augustine, Director of Engineering at Augustine Surgical, gives us 3 of 7 benefits of buying American Made Medical Equipment in part 1 of this two-part video. 3 Benefits of Buying American Made Medical Equipment: Product Quality: America’s strict product safety and quality control standards ensure American made products are of high quality and [...]

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Patient Temperature Monitoring and Automode with HotDog® Patient Warming Dan Grewe and Jennifer Volkenant from Augustine Surgical introduce the latest, FDA-cleared feature available with the HotDog® Temperature Management System: patient temperature monitoring and automode. Learn more about Automode > Automode simplifies the delivery of care and maximizes the temperature management experience to aid both patient and clinician alike. Patients lose their ability to [...]

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Top 5 Patient Warming Studies The Top 5 Patient Warming Studies that you need to know. This video includes a brief description of what makes each one important and can help inform important clinical decisions. Top 5 Patient Warming Studies: Forced-air warming is marginally effective (Sun et al), and HotDog Patient Warming is significantly more effective (Sugai et al). [...]

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Patient Warming in Outer Space International Space Station HotDog Patient Warming is used in outer space aboard the International Space Station. Learn why HotDog meets the unique challenges in a micro-gravity environment and how that applies to patient temperature management on earth! For more about the strange thermal challenges of life in space, click the link below for an [...]

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How We Make the World’s Best Flexible Heaters Want to see how to make HotDog Patient Warming products? Of course you do! We consider these to be the the world's best flexible heaters. Come behind-the-scenes with this short video to see the steps involved in creating a safe/effective medical device. The lean process appears very simple, but there is a lot of [...]

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International Demand and Distribution The HotDog Temperature Management System is currently available in 45 countries. Clearly, there is worldwide demand for sustainable, effective, affordable, air-free patient warming. Unintended hypothermia is a major contributor to negative outcomes for surgical patients. Therefore, a trusted patient warming system is critical. In this video, we are with our Australian partners, Lateral Medical, [...]

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How to Fix Some Medical Supply Chain Problems Dr. Augustine shares his thoughts on current medical supply chain issues with specific focus on patient warming, where backorders and supply delays are a consistent and recurring problem. Reusables are a reliable solution for some supply chain shortages in healthcare, especially for non-sterile products. Part 1: Why Disposables? (0:31 - 1:21) Part 2: The [...]

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