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Saves the most money over the long run. Warm for as little as $2 per patient.
The “peace of mind option.” No risk, no long-term commitment. Get all of your warming for a low monthly rate. We ensure that the product is always updated. Plus, we offer buy-out programs so your monthly payments actually build equity in the system.
(Monthly Warming Plan:)
Get the benefits of both a capital purchase and the Monthly Warming Plan. Own the controllers and save money long term. Blankets and mattresses will be provided for a low monthly rate.
We partner with a capital lease company that can arrange a program for you to lease the controllers.

Our warming specialists will help design the appropriate product mix and help determine the best method of purchase for your specific needs.

Need proof that HotDog warming can save you money? Review ECRI Institute’s recent comparative evaluation of HotDog patient warming.

Other resources:

  • Read a white paper about cost savings. (Clancy Poster)
  • See real savings from real customers!

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