• Statement from Dr. Scott Augustine about Judge Ericksen’s July 31, 2019 Order in re: “Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming Devices Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 15-2666).”

    Our hearts go out to the horribly injured patients who may not get their day in court. Of course, the ruling will likely be appealed, so this may just be a pause in the litigation.

    No matter what happens with the litigation against Bair Hugger, one key fact remains:

    Forced-air warming increases contamination in the sterile field and
    increases the risk of infection.

    The science proving contamination of the sterile field from forced-air warming systems—and  increased infection risk—is irrefutable. It is just physics: heat rises, and rising heat carries particulates with it.

    From a legal perspective, besides the patients, the biggest losers are hospitals and clinicians, who now may bear the brunt of all responsibility for the contamination caused by forced-air warming. It is imperative that they evaluate the science for themselves.

    Neither Augustine Surgical nor Dr. Augustine are party to or involved in the litigation against Bair Hugger.

    About Augustine Surgical Inc.
    Augustine Surgical exists to eliminate preventable complications with innovative surgical safety products and services.
    For inquiries contact Augustine Surgical Inc. | 952-746-1720

    See PDF of press release here.

  •  Introducing Augustine Surgical Inc.

    Eden Prairie, MN, August 1, 2018  –  Augustine Surgical Inc. has acquired Augustine Temperature Management, LLC and all of its assets, including the HotDog® Patient Warming System, the market-leading conductive-electric warming product. Augustine Temperature Management is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Augustine Surgical.

    “We started the company 10 years ago in the field of Temperature Management, but since then we have innovated and grown well beyond temperature management to making surgery safer during the entire perioperative process,” says Dr. Scott Augustine, CEO of Augustine Surgical.

    Augustine Surgical includes the same team that has pioneered innovative medical technologies for the last 10 years—just with a new corporate structure and new name. “We’re very fortunate to have an exceptional team of talented people, and that team remains intact throughout this change. Our customers can expect the same great service with only improvements in the long-run,” says Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Surgical.

    The new name, Augustine Surgical, reflects the company’s broader focus on surgical healthcare products beyond temperature management. The company is developing several innovative products that fit the focus on making surgery safer. “A suite of integrated surgical patient safety products will soon complement our best-in-class patient warming system, expect some interesting news ahead” says Garrett Augustine, VP of R&D.

    “Making Surgery Safer,” the company’s new slogan, emphasizes the strategic focus of the organization. “This is a very exciting time for the company with our focus on surgical safety for patients as well as for healthcare providers,” says Dr. Augustine. “Our innovative products are always designed for improving outcomes, making surgery safer, and providing value-added solutions that are cost effective.”

    There’s a story behind the new logo, which was inspired by three intersecting circles representing these foundational elements of the company. “It reminds us that we need to stay focused on our core values and do what we do best. And it creates an image of a safe surgical patient. After all,” continues Brent Augustine president of ASI, “patient safety is what we are all about.”

    About Augustine Surgical, Inc

    Dr. Scott Augustine, CEO of Augustine Surgical and inventor of the HotDog technology, is the world’s expert in patient temperature management, having also invented Bair Hugger forced-air warming over 30 years ago. Augustine Temperature Management was formed in 2010 to commercialize the HotDog Patient Warming system worldwide. Augustine Surgical Inc is dedicated to Making Surgery Safer.

    About HotDog Patient Warming

    HotDog Patient Warming is a breakthrough technology using electrically conductive fabric to prevent and treat perioperative hypothermia. HotDog delivers the ABCs: Air-free, Better Warming, Cost Effective.

    • Air-free–Warm patients safely with air-free HotDog patient warming. 11 studies link forced-air warming to increased airborne contaminants in the surgical field. HotDog’s patented technology is the safe air-free patient warming alternative.
    • Better Warming—HotDog is the only system that warms above and below the patient simultaneously for a more versatile and effective warming solution. In multiple trials, HotDog has shown a 96.2% normothermia rate.
    • Cost Effective—HotDog significantly reduces warming costs in comparision to forced-air and water products.

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    See PDF of Press Release here 

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