Forced-air Warming Discontinued: Joint Infections Reduced 74%
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Waste Heat Causes Contamination

With air-free HotDog patient warming, heat is efficiently directed at the patient—no waste heat.

In contrast, the waste heat from forced-air warming (FAW) is proven to be a vector for contaminating the surgical site. The diagram below shows the three different ways that FAW waste heat contributes to surgical site contamination. Watch the research videos that correspond with each set-up.

“Excess heat from (FAW) resulted in [hot air convection currents] that transported floor-level air upwards and into the surgical site. In contrast, conductive fabric warming did not release sufficient excess heat to establish these convection currents.”

“The direct mass-flow exhaust from forced- air warming generated hot-air convection currents that mobilized [non-sterile] air over the anesthesia drape and into the surgical site.”

2,000 times more contaminant particles were found in the air over the wound with FAW than with air-free HotDog conductive warming.

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