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ECRI Institute just published a comprehensive evaluation of HotDog patient warming. We encourage everyone to read it.

The BEST Flexible Heater in the World
The BEST Flexible Heater in the World


  • Compact controllers deliver low-voltage electricity to the blankets and mattresses where it is converted into safe heat by the patented ThermAssure® conductive fabric.
  • The lightweight, flexible heater fabric produces uniform and precise heat that is managed by the smart controller and an advanced sensor system.
  • The heater is sealed in an antimicrobial, non-porous shell—it’s 100% easily cleanable—and is available in a variety of warming blankets and mattresses. >Products
  • Temperatures controlled at patient contact points.
  • Low-thermal mass means fabric warms and cools very quickly and does not retain excess heat.
  • If a blanket is cut or punctured during use, there is absolutely no risk of shock or spark to the patient or the clinician, due to the isolated, low voltage, floating current.
  • Also, unlike forced-air, conductive fabric warms air-free, see why that’s important here: >Air-Free
  • HotDog is the only FDA-cleared patient warming technology that can warm from above and below the patient at the same time.
  • Whether it’s forced-air, circulating water, or other electric warming systems, HotDog excels against the competition in ways that are important to you.

    (HD vs Competition Matrix)

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  • 22 other patent applications are pending
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