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The Only Heated Grip Trendelenburg Positioner

WaffleGrip Heated Trendelenburg Positioner

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WaffleGrip-Trendelenburg-Positioner-CloseupUnique Waffle Pattern

Grip is evenly dispersed on patient, decreasing localized shearing forces, while increasing mechanical hold and friction.

WaffleGrip-Trendelenburg-Positioner-LayersKeeps patient warm and secure during surgery

The WaffleGrip Trendelenburg positioner is designed exclusively for use with a HotDog mattress overlay. Combine with HotDog warming blankets for superior patient temperature outcomes.

“No movement, less shearing”
–L.M. RN

“Easy for the staff to set up”
–Dr. L.

“I like that the patient lays down on a warm OR table versus the cold gel pad”
–OR Manager

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Benefits of WaffleGrip™

Better Warming

Hypothermia is common during Trendelenburg positioning due to the minimal surface area available to warm. Not anymore! Uniform warmth is delivered across the entire surface of the HotDog underbody mattress by a flexible conductive fabric–no air, water, or gel.

Protects Against Slipping

AORN guidelines recommend friction-based solutions to prevent the risk of brachial plexus injury. The WaffleGrip material is a high-friction surface that also provides evenly distributed mechanical grip to eliminate localized pressure points and sheering forces. Suitable for high-BMI patients.

Integrated Solution

Combines warming and positioning in one, easy-to-use system. This innovative solution provides efficient heat transfer with the safest and best underbody warming system available. Evenly disperses pressure across the friction surface.

Less Expensive

Quick set-up time to efficiently provide the best in patient warming and positioning. WaffleGrip is cost effective compared to other Trendelenburg positioners and easier than cutting or taping egg-crate foam.

Easy Setup

Secure U300 HotDog Warming Mattress to operating table with durable straps.

Align WaffleGrip pad on top of mattress using markings for reference. Tuck reinforced edge under warming mattress at perineal cut-out.

Ensure patient directly contacts WaffleGrip. Secure arms with draw sheet and apply safety strap. Begin warming without worry of patient movement!




The WaffleGrip Trendleneburg Positioner (A300) includes 10 complete disposable WaffleGrip Kits:
WaffleGrip pad, non-woven draw sheet with WaffleGrip, safety strap, and two disposable clips

Must be used in conjuction with HotDog Patient Warming System.

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