Want to see how to make HotDog Patient Warming products? Of course you do! We consider these to be the the world’s best flexible heaters. Come behind-the-scenes with this short video to see the steps involved in creating a safe/effective medical device. The lean process appears very simple, but there is a lot of technology and know-how involved. In fact, we’ve decided that we can confidently show this level of detail because over 16 US patents containing up to 150 claims protect our products: https://hotdogwarming.com/patents/

Numerous safety and quality checks throughout the process ensure every single HotDog Patient Warming product meets our tight specifications. For example, we ensure every serialized heater blank is functioning properly by photographing it with an infra-red camera. Every blanket and mattress must pass Temperature Uniformity Testing to ensure the entire surface of the unit is heating evenly. Furthermore, the sensors are checked and re-checked. The end result is a patient warming system that you can trust.

Our great team of people strives for continuous improvement in all phases of the manufacturing process because we believe in our mission to Make Surgery Safer. Continuous improvement is critical to meet the growing worldwide demand for safe, effective, air-free temperature management. All of Augustine Surgical’s products are made in the USA. The facility is ISO-13485, MDSAP-compliant, and the products meet FDA and CE requirements.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look in to Augustine Surgical. HotDog Patient Warming has the world’s best flexible heaters–Powered by Augustine Surgical.

Air-Free Warming Products

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Patient Warming Blankets

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Patient Warming Mattresses

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