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HotDog Patient Warming WC77 Temperature Management Controller Patient Temperature Detected

Automatic Patient Temperature Management

Patient Temperature Detected. The HotDog® WC71 and WC77 Temperature Management Systems’ Auto Mode feature utilizes a temperature probe. This allows the System to continuously monitor and regulate a patient’s temperature during surgery and other medical procedures.

Temperature Management and Monitoring

WC77 Temperature Management System Automode Graph Demonstration

Blanket and Mattress temperatures are automatically controlled based on the patient’s core temperature. As the patient reaches normothermia, the Temperature Management System adjusts the Warming Device(s) temperature setting (All High, All Medium, All Low, Standby).

Temperature Probe

Patient Temperature Monitoring. The System monitors the patient’s temperature to control the settings of the warming device(s). By using the proprietary cable*, the user can attach an esophageal or rectal temperature probe to read the patient’s core temperature.

*Ask your sales rep for the appropriate cable.

Temperature Management System Patient Temperature

Normothermia Zone

Automated Patient Normothermia. The Normothermia Zone sets the range of of a patient’s core temperature which controls the temperature setting of the applied warming devices.

As the patient’s core temperature increases, the Zone causes the temperature of the warming devices to lower until Normothermia has been achieved. The warming devices are placed into standby until the patient’s core temperature drops below the Upper Normothermia Zone Limit.

WC77 Lower Normothermia Zone Limit for Automatic Patient Temperature Management

Lower Normothermia Zone Limit

WC77 Upper Nomorthermia Zone Limit for Automatic Patient Temperature Management

Upper Normothermia Zone Limit

Normothermia Zone Example Settings

(36.0°C – 37.0°C)

Normothermia Zone (User Selected) Patient Temperature Devices: All High Devices: All Medium Devices: All Low Devices: All Off
≥ Upper Limit Setting 37.0°C X
67% to Upper Limit 36.7°C X
33% to Upper Limit 36.3°C X
≤ Lower Limit Setting 36.0°C X

How to Use Auto Mode

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