2-in-1 Patient Warming Mattress + Return Electrode

Warming + Grounding

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Available in Multiple Sizes

U501 Patient Warming Mattress + Return Electrode 82 cm (32")


82 cm (32″)

0.9 kg (2.0 lb)

U502 Patient Warming Mattress + Return Electrode 127 cm (50")


127 cm (50″)

1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

U530 Patient Warming Mattress + Return Electrode 89 cm (35")


89 cm (35″)

1.0 kg (2.3 lb)

Awaiting regulatory approval in some countries.
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Return Electrode Technology

The U5XX Warming Mattress + Return Electrode is a groundbreaking advancement that enhances both patient safety and procedural effectiveness. This innovative technology ensures a secure electrical connection without the need for direct skin contact, eliminating the risk of burns or discomfort caused by adhesive pads.

Unlike single-use adhesive pads, the U5XX uses capacitance to complete the circuit required for monopolar surgery. Capacitance is a well understood electrical principle, that has been safely used in reusable patient return electrodes for over 20 years. Its proven track record with over 100 million uses attests to its reliability and efficacy, making it an indispensable tool in modern surgical settings.

Why Choose HotDog vs. Single-Use Adhesives?

Easy to Use

The HotDog Warming Mattress + Return Electrode is compatible with most electrosurgical generators1. It offers quick setup and cleaning due to its lightweight design. With dual functionality, the mattress eliminates the need for skin preparation like shaving, and its performance remains unaffected by tattoos, piercings, or implants.

Improved Safety

This innovative solution prioritizes patient well-being in multiple ways. It eliminates burn risks from loose adhesive pads, making it ideal for sensitive skin. With a proven track record spanning over two decades and 100 million procedures, its capacitive-coupling technology ensures both safety and effectiveness.

Patient Warming

HotDog’s air-free, conductive warming technology is the ultimate in patient safety and outcomes. Combining a mattress and blanket to warm above and below, we ensure superior temperature outcomes, prioritizing your patient’s comfort and well-being.

Cost Savings

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness you deserve with our reusable warming mattress + return electrodes. Designed for a lifespan of up to 2 years, they outshine single-use pads and other reusable alternatives, saving both time and money. Simplify your inventory management with reduced SKUs and minimize ordering complexities, all while maintaining exceptional quality and performance.

Environmentally Friendly

During the lifetime of a single HotDog U5XX, an Electrosurgical Operating Room would use 2080 disposable return electrode pads2 AND Forced-Air Underbody Warming Blankets. Reduce Waste by up to 99.99% for a greener future.

Waste Reduction

Embrace a more sustainable approach with our eco-conscious solution. By minimizing waste generated from single-use adhesive pads and warming devices, we significantly contribute to reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, our commitment extends to lowering pollution associated with shipping and transport. Join us in fulfilling green initiatives3 while enjoying the same high-quality performance you expect.

Cables and Adapters

Cable, HotDog Warming Mattress

5 m (16″)

Cable, Return Electrode

4 m (13″)

Return Electrode, Dual Generator “Y” Cable

REM Enabled Return Electrode Adapter1

Electrosurgical grounding is FDA cleared for single and dual electrosurgical generator use in the US. It is also approved for many other countries. Please contact us regarding your market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Both systems are intended to exit electrosurgical current from the patient and return it back to the generator. The principles on which they provide safety are different. This is explained in a video. [link to video.]

No, only the WC77 Temperature Management Controller has been designed for use with U5XX.  Use of a U5XX with the WC52 could cause the controller to not function properly.

No.  Both ends of the cables from those two companies are the same, while the cables for HotDog’s U5XX have a male and a female connector.

At this point in time this product is not indicated for pediatric patients.

No. Needle monitoring electrodes (like neuromonitoring electrodes) should not be used with the U5XX. This warning is NOT unique to our product.  AORN recommends use of alternate technologies (eg, bipolar, ultrasonic) instead of monopolar electrosurgery when neuromonitoring electrodes (eg, somatosensory evoked potentials) are present.

Due to the full body nature of the U5XX, return current does not direct toward a stick-on pad and therefore is “everywhere” including the location of the Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED), such as an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) or pacemaker. Disabling the CIED per manufacturers’ instruction is likely necessary to avoid unintentional CIED discharge. Users should follow their own hospital protocol.

The U5XX meets the requirements of the IEC 60601-2-2:2009 standard. It is compatible with electrosurgical generators that also meet this IEC standard, although some generators may require the use of an adapter.

No, U5XX are not intended for RF Ablation. RF Ablation generators are typically used for soft tissue tumor or heart arrhythmia procedures.

No. The polyurethane shell of the U5XX is very durable, but if it were to be damaged it must be replaced, since there is no way to ensure that an attempted repair would address internal damage, compromising safety.

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  1. Adapter may be required
  2. Borgmeier, P. R., Ricketts, C. D., Clymer, J. W., Gangoli, G., & Tommaselli, G. A. (2021). A review of capacitive return electrodes in electrosurgery. Journal of Surgery, 9(1), 31–35.
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