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Our temperature management experts will gladly design a cost effective program that’s right for you. Below are some product-acquisition options:

Normothermia Partnership Program

No risk, no long-term commitment. Get all of your warming for a low monthly rate. We ensure that the product is always updated.

Lean Healthcare

Choosing the right patient warming system is just one step in the process of providing exceptional patient care, but it can greatly impact the bottom line. HotDog is the most cost effective way to meet the challenges of the new healthcare paradigm.

Lower Operating Costs

Warm for as little as $2 per patient.

Reduce Supply Inventory and Reordering

Eliminate re-ordering, supply, and transport of disposables—saving money and time.

Increase Warming Productivity and Capacity

All patients can be warmed for no additional cost, increasing the percentage of normothermic patients and improving patient care.

Decrease Complications and Associated Costs

“Even mildly hypothermic patients could suffer an increase in adverse outcomes that can add costs of as much as $2,500–7,000 per patient.”

Decrease Waste and Energy Usage

Greener healthcare is also leaner healthcare: HotDog eliminates disposable waste and consumes 80% less energy than forced-air warming.

Actual Savings from Real Customers

Big Savings Compared to Forced-air Warming (FAW) Gowns


Profile Previous Experience Savings
Type: Orthopedic ASC
Location: Midwest

ORs: 3

Volume: 300 surgeries/mo.
  • FAW gowns at an average cost of $10.66 per patient
  • Spend was $38,400/yr
  • Implemented pre- and intra- op warming on the Normothermia Partnership Program for $1,536/mo
  • 52% Savings ($19,967/yr)
  • $5.12/patient for complete perioperative warming.

Low Per-Patient Costs

Per Patient

 Profile  Previous Experience  Savings
Type: Regional Medical Ctr
Location: Mid-Atlantic
ORs: 4
Volume: 3,000 surgeries/yr.
  • Used FAW Blankets in the ORs at an average cost of $6.50/patient
  • Spend was $19,500/yr
  • Capital investment with an annualized cost of $8,688
  • Only $2.89/patient
  • 51.3% Savings.

2.5x More Normothermia

More Normothermia

 Profile Previous Experience Savings
Type: Community Hospital
Location: South
ORs: 6
Volume: 3,950 surgeries/yr.
  • Used FAW blankets at an average cost of $6.85
  • Only warmed 40% of patients to save money
  • Capital investment with an annualized cost of $10,700
  • Now warming 100% of patients, a 2.5x increase
  • 7% savings

Huge Savings Compared to Forced-air Warming (FAW) Blankets


 Profile Previous Experience Savings
Type: Regional Medical Ctr
Location: Northeast
ORs: 14
Volume: 10,800 surgeries/yr.
  • Used FAW blankets and cotton blankets in the OR
  • Spend was $81,864/yr
  • Capital investment with an annualized cost of $30,341
  • Only $2.81/patient

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