What is HotDog Patient Warming?

The Most Advanced Temperature Management System Ever

HotDog Patient Warming WC77 Temperature Management Controller Multiport

The HotDog Patient Warming System helps maintain patient normothermia during surgical procedures. The Controller sends low-voltage direct current to air-free Patient Warming Blankets and Mattresses. This creates safe, uniform warmth for the patient for many surgical positions.

HotDog Patient Warming B500 Supine Arms Out

HotDog is the only Patient Warming System that can effectively warm from above and below at the same time.

HotDog Delivers the ABCs of Patient Warming


HotDog utilizes a unique conductive fabric called ThermAssure® which emits no waste heat. Forced-air warming systems contaminate the air of the sterile field. Waste heat carries particles from the ground to the surgical site.

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Better Warming

Warm from above and below the patient at the same time. HotDog is the only patient warming technology that utilizes both blankets and mattresses. These give it tremendous versatility and effectiveness for many procedures.

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Cost Effective

Implement HotDog with no up-front costs and immediate cost savings. Decrease your cost of care. Normothermic patients have better outcomes. This leads to shorter hospital stays and faster operating room turnover rates.

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What are Users Saying?

Air-Free, Conductive Warming

HotDog Patient Warming WC77 Temperature Management Controller - Multiport

The compact HotDog Temperature Management Controller delivers low-voltage direct current to Blankets and Mattresses with precise temperature control.

Blankets can be set to 37­­­°C–43°C.

Mattresses can be set to 35­­­°C–40°C.

HotDog Patient Warming Blanket Layers

It is then converted into safe, even heat by the patented ThermAssure® conductive fabric.

The lightweight, flexible heater fabric produces uniform and precise heat. The smart Controller manages the heat with an advanced sensor system.

The heater is sealed in an antimicrobial, non-porous shell. It’s 100% easily cleanable and available in a variety of warming Blankets and Mattresses.

HotDog Patient Warming Uniform Warmth IR Image

HotDog heats Mattresses with uniform warmth across the entire surface. Safe temperatures are 35°C–40°C (95°F–104°F).

Auto Mode

Patient Warming System - WC77 Temperature Management System Automode Graph Demonstration

Patient Temperature Detected

HotDog’s Auto Mode feature utilizes a temperature probe to monitor patient temperature. This allows the System to automatically regulate a patient’s temperature during surgery.

HotDog vs. Competitors

HotDog Forced-Air Underbody Electric
Effective Warming in Challenging Cases
Won't Incubate Bacteria
Complete Warming Solution
Easy to Clean and Reuse
Quiet Operation
Fast Warm-up Time
Environmentally Friendly
Low Ongoing Costs

HotDog vs. Competitors

HotDog Forced Air Underbody Electric
Effective Warming in Challenging Cases
Won't Incubate Bacteria
Complete Warming Solution
Easy to Clean and Reuse
Quiet Operation
Fast Warm-up Time
Environmentally Friendly
Low Ongoing Costs

Versatility for Many Surgeries and IR Procedures

HotDog’s flexible warming Blankets and Mattress are the perfect solution for procedures where warming is difficult. For best results, warm above and below the patient simultaneously and cover as much surface area as possible while maintaining patient contact with the sensor.



Supine (Arms Tucked)


U101 or U102 Example use for Supine


U300 Example Use for Lithotomy

Supine (Arms Out)

U101 or U102 Example Use for Supine (Arms Out)

Beach Chair

U101 Example Use for Beach Chair

Fracture Table


U101 Example use for Spine

Orthopedic Trauma

U101 Example use for Lateral (Orthopedic Trauma)

And more!

Normothermia Partnership Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Not only is it better for the environment, but it stands to reason that a durable, reusable system is going to cost less over time than a product that you throw away after each use. You will either save money immediately with a Monthly Warming Plan, save more money over time with a capital purchase, or significantly increase your level of patient care at a neutral cost. Please review ECRI’s recent comparative evaluation of HotDog patient warming. ECRI subscribers can access it at http://www.ecri.org/. To find out if you’re an ECRI subscriber, contact clientservices@ecri.org or (610) 825-6000 ext. 5891. To request a printed copy, email cs@augsurg.com. Contact us for help in assessing how much you can save with a HotDog system and visit Cost Effective page for more information.

Air-free HotDog patient warming is safer for surgeries involving implanted foreign materials—such as orthopedic and cardiac surgery—because there is no waste heat disrupting the sterile field with contaminants. Rising waste heat from forced-air warming contaminates the sterile surgical field above the table with dirty air from the floor by generating convection currents. There is an increasing body of peer-reviewed evidence published on this issue. (Research)

Click for the full Cleaning Guidelines. The cleaning process takes 30 seconds or less. The blankets can be cleaned in the OR by wiping with a low- to intermediate-level disinfectant—whatever is currently used to wipe surfaces like the OR table. The blankets are designed for easy cleaning: the outer shell is non-porous and heat-sealed to eliminate crevices. The CDC says noncritical items (only come in contact with intact skin) like HotDog blankets are safe and present virtually no risk of cross-contamination. Also, HotDog cables are much easier to wipe down than a forced-air warming corrugated hose. For more information see this video on cleaning:


Yes. The heater fabric is completely radiolucent. However, each warming blanket and mattress has parallel buss bars that run along the long edge of the warming device. These can be seen on x-ray. In addition, the area around the sensor is also radio-opaque. See the Underbody Warming brochure (M106C) for a diagram of the radiolucent areas of a warming mattress. If x-raying will be done (through the chest cavity, for example) then the mattress should be positioned such that the imaging area does not contain the sensor or buss bar.

The U5XX series combines both patient warming and electrosurgical grounding, so there is no need for an additional return electrode pad.

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However, when using the U1XX series, placing mattress underneath the grounding pad will diminish the thermal effects of the HotDog mattress. If the warming mattress is on top of the grounding pad, the surgeon may see a diminished effect at the active electrode. There is usually an indication from the grounding pad controller if there is not a good ground. Consult with the grounding pad manufacturer for more specifics.

The most successful approach is to stagger the mattress and the grounding pad. Make sure the HotDog mattress’s sensor is in contact with the patient’s torso for best warming results.

Yes. Procedures where the patient is positioned in steep Trendelenburg historically result in high rates of hypothermia due to the small surface area available for warming. The HotDog Waffle-Grip Trendelenburg positioning accessory effectively prevents the patient from sliding on the table while still providing warmth under the patient.

Published research shows a 74% reduction in deep joint infections after discontinuing the use of forced-air patient warming. Ventilation disruption was associated with a significant increase in deep joint infections for FAW versus patient groups in which forced-air warming was discontinued and patients were warmed with conductive fabric blankets and mattresses. (N=1,437 cases; 2-5 years period P=0.028) Click here for an abstract of the study. (JBJS study abstract)

No. Consult Cleaning and Safety Information for more detail. HotDog products are considered “non-critical items,” meaning they only come in contact with intact skin. According to the CDC, “Virtually no risk has been documented for transmission of infectious agents to patients through noncritical items…” Another thing to consider is that the risk of contamination may actually be greater with FAW. FAW is only partially disposable. The blower and hose are used with thousands of different patients, sometimes moving from one OR to another. One published study showed that 92% of FAW blowers are contaminated with bacteria, and 58% internally generated and emitted germ-sized particles (Albrecht, AJIC, 2011). The contamination is significant because high-velocity air blows across the germ colonies. The contaminated hot air vents under the drapes, mixes with “dirty” floor air and rises into the sterile field.

HotDog blankets are ideally suited for pre- and post-op warming. Lower or full-body blankets can provide active warmth for as low as $1/patient. It’s a much less expensive option than disposable forced-air warming gowns or piles of warmed cotton blankets. (Savings)

HotDog offers an underbody warming mattress that can be placed on the OR table and used to warm patients from below. Underbody warming is great at preventing heat loss and maintaining patients’ core temperature. Effective rewarming requires blankets, which can be used in conjunction with a mattress. Details are found here.

Air-Free Warming Products

Temperature Management

HotDog Patient Warming WC77 Temperature Management Controller

The most advanced patient warming system ever developed

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WaffleGrip® Trendelenburg Patient Positioner

WaffleGrip Trendelenburg Positioning System on Operating Table with Patient

The ONLY effective warming solution for Trendelenburg position

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Patient Warming Blankets

HotDog Patient Warming System B500 Warming Blanket on Patient

Easy to use for every surgical position

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Patient Warming Mattresses

HotDog Patient Warming U101 Underbody Warming Mattress

Warm from above and below simultaneously

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