Patient Warming Mattresses

HotDog patient warming mattresses are designed to provide safe warming under the patient (35-40°C settings). The fabric heater is layered over pressure-relief foam, providing a uniformly heated, pressure-neutral pad between the patient and the table surface. The outer shell is a non-porous urethane embedded with an anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of micro-organisms—designed for easy cleaning. The mattresses have a 2-year warranty and expiry.

Mattresses are mostly radiolucent. Only the bus bars along the long edge, the sensor, and connecting wires are radio-opaque.

HotDog can help maintain normothermia for patients of all ages. Click here for our pediatric product offering >

U101 Patient Warming Mattress 82 cm

U101 Underbody Warming Mattress,
82 cm (32 in)

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Heated Dimensions
19.5 in x 32.3 in
(49.5 cm x 82.0 cm)

2.0 lb.
(0.9 kg)

For general surgery, orthopedics, thoracic, and more

U101 Mattress Placement
U101 Underbody
U101 Example use for Lateral (Orthopedic Trauma)
Lateral / Orthopedic Trauma
U101 Example use for Spine
U101 Example Use for Beach Chair
Beach Chair

U102 Patient Warming Mattress 127 cm

U102 Underbody Warming Mattress,
127 cm (50 in)

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Heated Dimensions
19.5 in x 50.0 in
(49.5 cm x 127.0 cm)

3.3 lb.
(1.5 kg)

For cardiac surgery and plastic surgery

U102 Mattress Placement
U102 Underbody
U101 or U102 Example use for Supine
U101 or U102 Example Use for Supine (Arms Out)
Supine (Arms Out)

U300 Trendelenburg Position Patient Warming Mattress

U300 Trendelenburg Position Warming Mattress, 89 cm (35 in)

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Heated Dimensions
23.0 in x 35.0 in
(58.4 cm x 89.0 cm)

Overall Dimensions
23.0 in x 39.0 in
(58.4 cm x 99.7 cm)

2.3 lb.
(1.0 kg)

For Trendelenburg positioning and other cases requiring tilting of the operating table

U300 Mattress Placement - Underbody
U300 – Trendelenburg Underbody
U300 Example Use for Lithotomy