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Introducing the COVEX™ Face Shield

Introducing the COVEX™ Face Shield Eden Prairie, MN, April 16, 2020 Front-line healthcare workers facing the Covid-19 pandemic now have new protection. Augustine Surgical Inc has introduced the COVEX™ Face Shield and Respirator—a single, integrated device that comfortably protects facial orifices and respiration. “Reports of severe shortages of PPE along with photos of the bruised faces of doctors [...]

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Company Statement on COVID-19

Like most, we have been closely monitoring the developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health our employees, customers, and fellow community members is our priority. As a company, we are taking many steps to maintain a clean and safe environment. We have always gone above and beyond the standard health requirements to ensure the safety [...]

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Journal of Hospital Infection: Forced-Air Warming An Infection-Control “Hazard” in Implant Surgery

StopSurgicalInfections.org recently submitted a press release regarding a review article published by Journal of Hospital Infection.  The press release is as follows: Surgical-infection experts have unambiguously concluded that forced-air warming “...does contaminate ultra-clean air ventilation….” in the operating room. Their advice: Use air-free warming during implant surgery. PRLog - Nov. 12, 2014 - MINNEAPOLIS -- “Infection Control Hazards Associated with the Use [...]

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Patient Advocate Warns Against Forced-Air Warming

A well-known patient advocate now urges surgical patients to avoid forced-air warming—even to change hospitals if necessary. The advocate, Rosie Bartel, speaks from experience. Infected with MRSA during a knee-replacement procedure at a hospital using forced-air warming, Bartel has undergone 27 subsequent operations— including amputation of her leg to the hip. The MRSA remains active. [...]

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Infection Risk from Forced-air Warming Considered; Study on Bacterial Contamination Recommended

International Orthopedic Consensus “We recognize the theoretical risk posed by forced air warming blankets,” concluded the Consensus Statement recently released by the International Consensus on Periprosthetic Joint Infection. While not urging a change in practice, the Consensus Statement recommended that further studies be undertaken regarding the safety of forced-air warming (“FAW”) in orthopedic implant surgery. Delegates [...]

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Nursing Journal: Forced-Air Warmers May Allow Pathogens to Contact Surgical Wounds

AORN Journal, noting concerns about infection risk from forced-air warmers, called for multi-center, randomized, controlled trials. Evidence of bacteria in the air-flow paths of forced-air warmers; authors ask manufacturers to consider redesign. In a continuing-education review article in the October issue of AORN Journal,published by the Association of Operating Room Nurses, the authors examined 192 sources.  Their [...]

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Recent A & A study: “These findings warrant future research into the effects of forced air warming…during contamination-sensitive surgery.”

August 2013  Research in the August edition of Anesthesia & Analgesia, a publication of the International Anesthesia Research Society, and appearing under the name of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation stated: “[F]orced air warming was found to establish convection currents that mobilized resident air from nonsterile areas (under the anesthesia drape) upward and into the surgical site.” The [...]

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AANA Journal: 96% of Bair Hugger Blowers Contaminated

August 2013 Research published in the August issue of AANA Journal revealed that 96% of Bair Hugger forced-air warming (FAW) blowers studied were generating “significant levels of contamination.”  The researchers, including two UK orthopedic surgeons, measured up to 110,000 particles per cubic foot--82,500 particles per second.  More than 70% of the blowers “had hose-end airflows with higher contamination [...]

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“Wave” of Bair Hugger Litigation?

A news article published in Clinical Quality & Infection Control, a publication of Becker’s ASC Review, stated: “Recent studies published in medical journals questioning the safety of forced-air patient warming in orthopedic implant and other ultra-clean surgeries could mean a wave of new litigation.” The studies, said the writer, show that forced-air blowers contain internally generated airborne [...]

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Infection Guidance: Air Turbulence in Operating Room Increases Risk of Orthopedic Infection

In its Guide to the Elimination of Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections, the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) states, “If airflow is interrupted, rapid air turbulence can stir settled particles, enabling them to become airborne thus increasing the risk for wound contamination.” By applying recent research to APIC’s Guidance, StopSurgicalInfections.org found that [...]

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