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WC7X Temperature Management Controller IFU
PN D11367EU Rev A
PN D11367EU Rev B
PN D11367EU Rev C
PN D11367EU Rev F

HotDog Warming Blankets – IFU (User Manual)
PN 1718EU Rev J
PN 1718EU Rev K
PN 1718EU Rev L

HotDog Head Warming Wrap – IFU (User Manual)
PN 1746EU Rev I
PN 1746EU Rev J
PN 1746EU Rev K

HotDog Warming Mattress – IFU (User Manual)
PN 2064EU Rev I
PN 2064EU Rev J

HotDog Multiport Controller – IFU (User Manual)
PN 2135EU Rev N

HotDog Multiport Controller – Service Manual
PN 2256EU Rev L

HotDog Single Port Controller – IFU (User Manual)
PN 2293EU Rev G

HotDog Single Port Controller – Service Manual
PN 2294EU Rev N

HotDog Tester for Controllers – Instructions for Use
PN 2449EN Rev D

HotDog Pediatric Lower Body Blanket – IFU 
PN 2520EU Rev F
PN 2520EU Rev G
PN 2520EU Rev H

HotDog Pediatric Head Wraps – IFU 
PN 2581EU Rev F
PN 2581EU Rev G
PN 2581EU Rev H

WaffleGrip Trendelenburg Positioning Accessory – IFU
PN 2793 Rev D

Clinician Vest – Instructions for Use
PN 2855EN Rev A

WaffleGrip Trendelenburg Positioning System + BackSaver Slide Sheet – IFU
PN 3557 Rev A

French (FR, CA)