WaffleGrip Partnership Program

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Do You Qualify for Great Savings?

To qualify, you only need to perform 20
surgeries in Trendelenburg each month.

WaffleGrip Trendelenburg Patient with B500 Blanket

Reliable securement and safe warming for at least 20 procedures each month

WaffleGrip Sheet

Single-use WaffleGrip kits with integrated drawsheet (10 per box, starting with two boxes)

WC77 Temperature Manangement Controller
U300 Warming Mattress

HotDog Patient Warming Controller and Underbody Warming Mattress included

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3 Benefits of WaffleGrip for Better
Trendelenburg Patient Outcomes

Securement You Can Rely on

High coefficient of friction and durable OR table securement provides the anti-slip protection your patient needs, especially high BMI patients.

Normothermia Improves Outcomes

Safe underbody warming increases surface area by 3x, protecting more patients from the avoidable and all-too-common complications of unintended hypothermia.

Easier for Staff to Re-Position Patient

Adjusting patients prior to Trendelenburg positioning is a huge problem for the staff. WaffleGrip’s low profile and proprietary draw sheet make it easier.

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